Skin Regimen Night Detox


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Leave-on regenerating night mask with Gluconolactone, Alpha-glucan yeast and Longevity Complex™. It boosts the skin’s natural autophagy, favouring the elimination of toxins accumulated during the day. The balm-like cooling texture is ideal to be massaged to relax the facial muscles and relieve the signs of tiredness. With a natural rebalancing and reinvigorating aroma for mind and body.

Longevity Complex™: organic superfood extracts and a high-tech molecule counteracting the effects of stress and aging accelerators. With Wild Indigo to modulate excess cortisol and boost beta-endorphins, antioxidant Maqui Berry, anti-glycation Spinach that also promotes correct dna methylation, and anti-glycation Carnosine. Alpha-glucan yeast: it reinforces the skin’s autophagy mechanism, the natural
system of elimination of metabolic waste products. The detoxifying action deals with the accumulation of waste substances generated during the day, in normal aging processes and over long periods of stress.
Gluconolactone: poly-hydroxy acid with a non-aggressive exfoliating action for the skin. It acts on the outer skin layer, weakening the corneocyte structure and favouring balanced cellular turnover.

After using the Essence, massage the product onto the skin with movements from the center outwards. Leave on all night. Cleanse the face the following morning.