Skin Regimen Enzymatic Powder


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Exfoliating foaming powder with Chlorella, Rice Starch, and Papaya enzymes for a brighter and smoother complexion. Only a little amount of this anhydrous transformative texture goes a long way, and depending on the quantity of powder and water used, you can personalize your detoxifying cleansing regimen. When mixed with water and after a brief massage, it turns into a creamy foam that eliminates pollutants and dead cells.

Chlorella: a unicellular micro-alga living in sea or clear water. It differs from others by its exceptional chlorophyll concentration. A well-known superfood it is a useful supplement to detoxify
the organism from the accumulation of heavy metals. Likewise on the skin, its high content of chitin and cellulose (polysaccharides) allows to capture and eliminate pollutants, effective in particular as a heavy metal detox. Papaya: rich in papain, a proteolytic enzyme which stimulates the detachment of superficial dead cells for an effective, delicate exfoliation. Rice Starch: very fine, intangible
powder, to absorb excess sebum.

A teaspoon is the recommended quantity to obtain a good detox action. Moisten the palms and rub the powder in your hands until it turns into a creamy foam, then apply it to the face. Avoid eye contour area.