Skin Regimen 10.0 Tulsi Booster


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Pure, concentrated oil, with 10% of Tulsi active complex, an Indian herb with known adaptogenic properties. Carried in almond and sunflower oil, it promotes a nourishing, illuminating, antioxidant protective action. The silky and velvety texture provides immediate comfort without being oily. With a natural rebalancing and reinvigorating aroma for mind and body. Ideal for dry and depleted skin, to give a healthy and radiant complexion.

Tulsi: also known as Holy Basil, it is a sacred Indian herb, extensively used in Ayurvedic medicine and considered a long-life elixir. At a systemic level, Tulsi has adaptogenic properties, i.e. it can increase the resistance of the body to stress, contribute to the elimination of toxins and reduce inflammatory processes. It reinforces and protects the skin for radiant appearance.

In the morning and/or at night, cleanse skin and then apply a few drops to the face and neck.