Skin Regimen 1.0 Tea Tree Booster


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Purifying concentrate with 1% Tea Tree oil, 3% Mandelic Acid and Longevity Complex™ for oily and impure skin. It contrasts imperfections and adult acne, reducing their appearance and ensures a smoother, clean and even complexion.

Longevity Complex™: organic superfood extracts and a high-tech molecule counteracting the effects of stress and aging accelerators. With Wild Indigo to modulate excess cortisol and boost beta-endorphins, anti-oxidant Maqui Berry, anti-glycation Spinach that also promotes correct DNA methylation, and anti-glycation Carnosine. Tea Tree oil: The oil from Melaleuca Alternifolia is known to promote an effective antibacterial action, and therefore recommended for imperfections and pimples. This oil gives the product
its distinctive odor. 3% Mandelic Acid: alpha-hydroxyl acid with exfoliating properties, it contrasts hyperkeratosis caused by excessive oxidized sebum in the hair follicles. It favors an antibacterial activity, helps reduce existing imperfections, prevents future breakout and preserves the smoothness of the skin.

Apply the product at night, all-over face to reduce and balance excessive oiliness or specifically on the areas with pimples and imperfections for a corrective action. Rinse the face the following morning. Apply every day for a month. We recommend using an SPF during the day.