Sacred Nature Nutrient Cream


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Rich cream with bio-fermented antioxidant ingredients (Scientific Garden Extract™), biotechnological
moss extract. It fortifies and reinforces the skin barrier, for visibly nourished and more radiant look.
99.2% natural origin of total
26.5% of the total ingredients are from organic farming
COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS standard available at
The formulation is designed to provide deep nourishment, comfort and protection to skin prone
to dryness and more exposed to environmental stresses such as wind and harsh climates. The
rich consistency is the result of a balance between organic shea butter and jojoba oil, which
together provide the ideal basis for conveying the active ingredients and enveloping the skin
in a protective and sensorially pleasing texture.

SCIENTIFIC GARDEN EXTRACT™ A complex of bio-fermented organic extracts of myrtle,
elderberry and pomegranate, directly selected and grown by [ comfort zone ] to ensure traceability,
sustainability and maximum effectiveness. The selected berries, leaves and peels have a high
content of antioxidant and protective phytoactive ingredients, which preserve the skin’s beauty
and youth from the daily attack of free radicals.
BIOTECHNOLOGICAL MOSS EXTRACT Biotechnology has provided an opportunity to obtain
a sustainable extract from a precious resource: mosses, the first plants to conquer the earth,
known for their extraordinary resilience. Moss extract is based on the innovative anti-aging
concept that cell health is linked to cellular exchange between the nucleus and extracellular
matrix. By protecting this exchange, the skin can adapt to environmental changes, becoming
more resilient and less prone to premature aging.
ORGANIC BURITI OIL A precious active ingredient derived from a palm tree native to Brazil, which
is also known as the “Tree of life”. Its characteristic bright orange color reflects its remarkably
high carotenoid content, which is associated with its recognized antioxidant power.

Apply morning and evening to clean, dry face and neck. Massage to encourage absorption.