Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Eye Patches


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An innovative refreshing and corrective hydrogel mask formulated with peptides for an intensive action which gives immediate relief to the eye area and visibly corrects, in just a few minutes, signs of fatigue and puffiness. SCIENCE-BASED CONSCIOUS FORMULA™ without silicon, fragrance and with 96% natural-origin ingredients.

HESPERIDIN multi-peptide complex with three actions on puffiness and signs of fatigue in the eye area: reduces capillary permeability, activates the lymphatic system and reduces inflammation.
PEPTIDE COMPLEX WITH CHRYSIN, a flavonoid which has an “anti-blue effect”. Together, they stimulate the brightening enzymes which eliminate the accumulated bilirubin, thereby improving the appearance of dark circles. They also reduce inflammation which compromises vessel permeability.
HEXAPEPTIDE mimics the structure of human collagen. Activates the synthesis of new collagen, favoring tissue regeneration and restoring the dermal-epidermal junctions.

Remove make-up and cleanse the eye area well and gently pat dry. Remove the patch and apply to the area under the eyes, with the bigger part placed on the outside, and the inner part as close to the bridge of the nose as possible, as according to the drawing. Leave to process for at least 10 minutes. It can also be left on for an hour or even the entire night for an intensive anti-aging action. It can be used as a rescue remedy when in need or as a prolonged treatment in combination with the cream, using the patches twice a week for the first two weeks and then one patch per week for the following two weeks.