Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Corrector


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Concentrated serum for localized application with a lightening action on age and sun spots. Improves dyschromia and helps to reduce the appearance of pigmentation. Promotes an even and youthful complexion. Ideal for face, hands, neck and décolleté. CONSCIOUS SKIN SCIENCE™, without silicones and with 95% natural-origin ingredients.

PHYSALIS ANGULATA EXTRACT: an extract obtained from a Brazilian plant that acts on the first step of pigmentation: inflammation. The extract promotes a soothing action that increases the skin’s antioxidant capacity when exposed to the sun.
PUNARNAVA EXTRACT: obtained from the roots of a renowned Ayurvedic herb, Boerhavia Diffusa, it is an “intelligent” lightening ingredient with the ability to reduce the intensity of the pigmentation
through a mechanism that modulates the release of the tyrosinase enzyme, and it limits the number of of dendrites that transports the pigment to the surface. It therefore reduces the melanin synthesis and
its transport to the surface.
4-N-BUTYLRESORCINOL: is considered the most potent inhibitor of the tyrosinase enzyme. It reduces the synthesis of melanin, promoting a lightening action.
KERATOLYTIC ENZYME: exfoliates the superficial dead skin cells with a much more delicate mechanism than that of alpha hydroxy acids,ensuring a rapid improvement of the dark spots

Apply locally to the specific areas morning and evening before the chosen moisturizer. Complete with SUBLIME SKIN SPF50 during the day. Avoid or minimize sun exposure