Comfort Zone Essential Micellar Water


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Multi-active water for cleansing face, eyes and lips in a single gesture.

Fresh, light and extremely delicate, it removes make-up, clears the pores and purifies without the need for rinsing. SCIENCE-BASED CONSCIOUS FORMULAS™, free from silicones and with 99% natural-origin ingredients.

BETAINE is a natural osmolyte extracted from sugar beets. Physiologically found in the skin, it maintains an optimal state of liquids inside and outside the cells, preserving hydration and vitality even in compromised situations (extreme temperatures, pollution, sun exposure).

It contributes to making the make-up remover gentle and respectful of the skin’s physiology.

Face and lips: apply the product to cotton pads and remove make-up with circular movements.

Eyes: apply the product to cotton pads, place on the eyes and leave to act for a few seconds, and then proceed with removal without outward movements.

For cleansing: for deep cleansing, especially for the removal of heavy make-up, the product can be used as a second step after the cleansing milk, ensuring the complete removal of all make-up and impurities, leaving a pleasurable sensation of freshness. The application can be repeated until the skin is completely clean, and if desired, the face can be rinsed with warm water.