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Shower scrub gel with natural exfoliating particles of Black Rice, Green Tea leaves and Matcha Tea. It favours effective cleansing, ideal to purify the body and regenerate the mind after work-out. SCIENCE-BASED CONSCIOUS FORMULAS™ silicone-free, without synthetic scrub particles and made with 85% natural-origin ingredients.

MATCHA TEA EXTRACT Matcha Tea is considered a “super drink” for metabolism since it acts on the regulation of sugar levels in blood, on the reduction of the amount of insulin produced and on the control of appetite. The extract, rich in epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), promotes an antioxidant action.
GREEN TEA LEAVES Known for the high content in polyphenols with an antioxidant action. The selected grain size ensures a natural exfoliating action that is well-tolerated by the skin.
BLACK RICE PARTICLES Black Rice, thanks to its high content of amino acids, iron, zinc, copper and carotene, is considered a “super food”. The dark color is mainly due to anthocyanins, dark red pigments with an antioxidant action. The Black Rice particles with their characteristic dark color ensure a natural and effective exfoliation.
PURE SILICA PARTICLES enable an even body exfoliation.

Apply the product to wet skin and massage. Rinse off in the shower.