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Invigorating, lipolytic and antioxidant body treatment. With Maca and Matcha Tea, it regenerates the skin after work-out and extends its benefits. The fresh, light texture is characterized by a natural aroma designed to energize body and mind. SCIENCE-BASED CONSCIOUS FORMULAS™ silicone-free and made with 94% natural-origin ingredients.

MACA POLYPHENOLS Maca, also known as the Ginseng from the Andes, is used in supplements for its remarkable adaptogenic properties. It indeed increases the body’s capacity to adapt to stressors of different nature (physical, psychological, caused by work, sport, etc.).
The extract, a polyphenol concentrate, maximizes the efficacy of physical activity. It stimulates lipolysis, the synthesis of collagen and microcirculation for a general firming action.
MATCHA TEA EXTRACT Matcha Tea is considered a “super drink” for metabolism since it acts on the regulation of sugar levels in blood, on the reduction of the amount of insulin produced and on the control of appetite. The extract, rich in epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), promotes an antioxidant action.

Massage the product on the entire body, focusing on the areas that are more prone to loss of tone. It absorbs quickly leaving a pleasant sensation of smoothness and wellbeing.